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CIVILIS Consultants is a boutique consulting practice that takes a holistic approach to improving places by leveraging their existing strengths. The cornerstone of our approach is to always work from the perspective of what makes economically successful and vital places. We focus first on connecting stakeholders in the community, particularly those that control businesses and infrastructure, through unique outreach efforts that stress education and shared experience in order to build a foundation of understanding about complex land use issues.

In addition, we examine a place’s entire landscape, no matter if we are considering downtown revitalization, or determining the best location for a public plaza. Successful places are always complex intersections of infrastructure, economics, land use policy, transportation concerns, public spaces, demographics, and marketing. So, to consider any one of those things effectively, it means you must consider them all.

The time we invest forging relationships and assembling a complete picture of a place is what allows us to facilitate real change and revitalization.


Michele E. Reeves is an urban strategist with extensive experience in revitalizing mixed-use districts, placemaking, retail leasing, development consulting, and project management. In her consulting practice at Civilis, she helps cities renew their urban places by teaching the building blocks for successful revitalization through effective and non-traditional community outreach that includes interactive workshops, hands-on district tours, and presentations. Together with city stakeholders, she develops detailed and achievable plans for revival, with a focus on improving what already exists.

Her real estate background includes working with public/private partnerships, marketing unknown or undesirable districts, pre-development consulting, and strategizing acquisitions and development programs with private sector investors.

Michele also has experience with industrial real estate, facilities engineering, and project management from her years as Director of Business Development, Asia for Chromalloy, a multi-national aerospace corporation. Based out of Taipei, Taiwan, she worked on site selection for potential manufacturing plants and evaluated the feasibility of creating joint ventures with various Taiwanese companies. She won and managed a contract to consult with the Taiwanese government to obtain a Bilateral Airworthiness Agreement with the United States.

She is currently a member of the Portland Development Commission Neighborhood Economic Development Leadership Group. Previously, she chaired the Metro Brownfields Task Force, which assisted Metro in placing funds for regional environmental assessment and education efforts.

She holds a bachelor of science degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.